About Us

Before hearing terms of communities online, social media, YouTube, Google, etc. Allow me to explain to you something, there were book clubs that not only allow you to socialize but, improve your skills.

Many famous novelists, writers, storyteller, etc. when they were interviewed about early beginning they all mentioned belong to a book club, being part of a pack who allowed them to develop their skills, they never had talent they said, as they work very hard to reach the top, if you are interested and wondering how you can always improve your skills, we are going to list 5 ways that will help you.

Wow, I never read this book before.

There are thousands of books that will steal our attention, due to their content as the rainbow has different colors the book keep different topics.

You could learn more about math, life, self-improvement, finances, mystery novels and it will not just end there.

Every time we read a book, our brain is keeping new terms never before heard by us even our imagination goes wild, picturing in our mind the environment the writer is describing words by words.

You will not be noticed but your way of talk or think is changing to a more sophisticated point that people will start to notice, your way of expression is different as well, even your point of view as well.

Learn what people want.

By nature people are born critics, however when our skills are very sharp we are able to develop a capacity to make proper judgments and I am not talking about people but books, films, games, politics, etc.

In this case, we are talking about books, we are able to suggest or at least analyze what the author tried to say or highlight it´s very common schools and university especially in the philosophy class talk about William Shakespeare or Hamlet, the main job of the professor is to ask the student what did actor tried to mean by a paragraph or article, the people who were familiar reading will be able to see things in a different level, just like a movie played in their brain, this is a unique skill as you are cultivating your imagination thanks to a book club, this will be an asset in any job hunting or personal project.

Connect emotions.

This is something very important, that is why people make a survey to inquire about new products, projects or just ask the opinion of the people to see what they want.

A book club will provide the opportunity for every participant to express their emotions, ideas and suggestion a very practice that I love to do is listening to them carefully, maybe I could find a proper solution and in case not, search for one, this is the perfect brainstorming situation.

This can be seen in any company meeting where there are supervisors and managers talking about a topic, where they want to express a solution or at least know about it, well in the book club they prepare you to do this, as there might be people who have great ideas but shy by nature, this place is wonderful to talk in public as it will give you confidence as well.

A place is full of experience being shared.

If you have heard the saying “nobody is born knowing” that is absolute truth, belonging to a book club will allow you to learn more from the books but also from the most experienced members, they can always guide you in the search for a new book or handle properly a topic you might be confused or curious about.

That is why we have influencers around the world like mentors, motivational speakers, the guru of any industry, etc.

These people need to develop this skill by reading and belonging to a club as well, I know we call them communities but in the end, like I mentioned before we all started in clubs, this is one of the reasons why a book club works 100% guaranteed.

You think you know me.

There are famous guest writer invited to provide a conference or at least a nice talk about their newest book, their job or some advises, most of the people will be interested in knowing as much as possible from this unknown/known personality, but they all have something in common, they belong to a club book, reinforcing the importance to stick with one, improve every day and if you keep developing your skills, one day you will be a famous writer, maybe speaker, or anything you desire.

But it is always important to remember the clubs will provide you the knowledge, the capacity to speak on big groups, skills to provide the proper solutions to problems and a different way to see life.